About Us

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Who we are

sos-kind is an Accra, Ghana-based non-profit organisation that focuses on helping the most vulnerable children in the most difficult places overcome homelessness and poverty and experience the fullness of life. Together with our supporters, we strive to help millions of families and children in Africa out of poverty. We pride ourselves on being a trusted non-profit organization that offers a rewarding experience for volunteers and presents sustainable projects to stakeholders.
We are founded to empower underprivileged children and youth through advanced healthcare, relevant education, and market-focused livelihood programmes.

Inspire collective action
To allow people’s collectives and movements that include diverse segments to pledge their strengths, work in partnership to protect, honour, and secure the rights of African children.
Mobilise potential
To make people discover their best potential for change and action.
Take responsibility
To allow people to take responsibility for the state of the deprived African children and to encourage them to seek resolution through collective and individual action, thus letting children realise their fullest potential.

A healthy, happy, and creative child whose rights are honoured and protected in a society founded on respect for justice, dignity, and equality for all.

child Abuse in Ghana

How We Are Different


We understand that changing a child’s life can change a family, a community, and a country. In everything we do, we work towards a child’s total well-being, helping them to overcome poverty and hunger and get the education they long for It is these children who go on to become engineers, teachers, and doctors of the future and who will stop future generations from ending up in poverty. 


sos-kind knows that communities have the best understanding of their struggles. They also often have the best idea of accomplishing their dreams. We only listen and offer the resources and tools for communities to provide those dreams, changing the lives of
children and their parents.

People first

We believe that people are people, regardless of their experiences or circumstances, and their value is immeasurable and intrinsic. We strive to honour the dignity of each African child in our programmes and every human being we meet, no matter what.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Sos-kind creates a culture where diversity of people, experiences, and thoughts are celebrated, and everybody is seen and welcomed equally.

  • The people of the communities we work with experience solid evidence of our
    commitment to those principles in our practices as we work together.
  • Our programmes focus on diversity and inclusion in our work.
  • Our supporters and external partners aspire to experience a profound sense of
    belonging and pride in our shared commitment to social responsibility and excellence.
  • Everyone connected with us is free and safe to be who they are, so we all thrive and