Donate a Mini Bus to a Child Home in The Greater Accra Region!

Donate Mini Bus

Dear friends,
We would like to bring your attention to the Child Home in the Greater Accra Region. This home provides a safe and loving environment for homeless children, but they are in desperate need of your help.
The children at the home are currently facing transportation difficulties that are making their lives more challenging than they already are.
The home’s old bus, which was kindly donated by a friend of the founder many years ago, has broken down and is in need of repairs.

Help Homeless Kids in Africa Donate Now!

Save Children in Accra from Malnutrition and Starvation!

Every day, millions of children in Africa live with the uncertainty of not knowing where their next
meal will come from. In fact, 1/3 of all child deaths in Africa are caused by a lack of sufficient
With conditions in the region worsening yearly, the number of homeless children facing hunger
has been increasing daily, prompting sos-kind to start our non-profit organization.

Save Children in Accra from Malnutrition and Starvation!

One child is estimated to die of hunger every four seconds in Accra, Ghana. Nearly forty-five
million people in thirty-seven countries in Africa are anticipated to have so little to eat that they’ll
be severely malnourished, facing starvation or at risk of death.
Each year, over three million children die from hunger-related causes. But we can save them!

Donate Now to End Youth Sex Trafficking

Help Homeless Kids in Africa

At least 160 million children and young individuals are exploited in global trade every year. And
this does not simply happen in distant countries, but right here in Accra, Ghana, too.
sos-kind is contributing to fighting this problem with the creation of our programmes and