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Donate Now to End Youth Sex Trafficking

At least 160 million children and young individuals are exploited in global trade every year. And
this does not simply happen in distant countries, but right here in Accra, Ghana, too.
sos-kind is contributing to fighting this problem with the creation of our programmes and

The Battle Against Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is the exploitation of boys and girls, mainly for forced labour and sexual
exploitation. Did you know that children account for twenty-seven percent of all human
trafficking victims globally? Two out of every three child victims are girls.
Often sold by an acquaintance or a family member, lured by false promises of a “better life” and
education, the reality is that these exploited and trafficked children are held in slave-like
conditions without proper clothing, shelter, or food, and are often abused and cut off from all
contact with their families.
Children are often trafficked for labour or commercial sexual exploitation, such as factory work,
agricultural work, domestic servitude, and mining, or forced to fight in conflicts.
Accra, Ghana, is one of the countries in the world that is affected by youth trafficking. As a
result, these youths are forced to drop out of school, risk their precious lives, and are deprived
of their future.

How is sos-kind Helping the Victims of Child Trafficking in Accra,

sos-kind works to fight child trafficking, sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse through
prevention, protection, and prosecution. To maximize all our efforts, we partner with civil society,
local organisations, and communities in Accra to safeguard children from being exploited—and
to help preserve the dignity of young people who have survived.
Our non-profit organisation takes a holistic approach to dealing with the root causes of child
trafficking and involves these children in the creation and execution of solutions.
sos-kind supports the following by collaborating alongside communities and local organisations:
– Enhancing law enforcement and prompt legal reform to safeguard trafficking survivors
– Offering support to children who have been exploited and helping them go back home
and reintegrate into their communities
– Preventing trafficking at the community level by establishing awareness of the migration
sos-kind help families stop the need for their children to work by supporting livelihoods. We
lessen the number of children being exploited by raising awareness of the subject. We empower
them to rebuild their lives by helping rehabilitate survivors. Ultimately, we protect them from
exploiters’ clutches by protecting unaccompanied refugees.
We also perform awareness training in schools so young individuals can learn how to keep safe,
where, and how to report any suspicious activities.

Join the Movement! Let’s End Sexual Trafficking in Accra, Ghana!

We need your help! Join us on the front lines in the fight against human trafficking and sexual
exploitation by donating! Your donations help:
• Create training programmes for the community
• Educate teens about human trafficking
• Develop awareness resources and tools
Take an active role today and become a world-changer. Make a difference and change lives
with your giving!
Donate now.

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Our supporter’s contributions help us serve Accra, Ghana’s most marginalized children, and guarantee they can get proper nutrition and healthcare, go to school, and stay protected from exploitation and abuse.We can’t do the work without your generous support, and we will need each of us to come together to guarantee happier childhoods for African children everywhere.Your smallest contribution makes a big difference in children’s lives. We count on the kindness of people like you to be able to make real change for Africa’s children.Donate now for happier childhoods!
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