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Our supporter’s contributions help us serve Accra, Ghana’s most marginalized children, and guarantee they can get proper nutrition and healthcare, go to school, and stay protected from exploitation and abuse. We can’t do the work without your generous support, and we will need each of us to come together to guarantee happier childhoods for African children everywhere. Your smallest contribution makes a big difference in children’s lives. We count on the kindness of people like you to be able to make real change for Africa’s children. Donate now for happier childhoods!

How We Are


We understand that changing a child’s life can change a family, a community, and a country. In everything we do, we work towards a child’s total well-being, helping them to overcome poverty and hunger and get the education they long for It is these children who go on to become engineers, teachers, and doctors of the future and who will stop future generations from ending up in poverty.


sos-kind knows that communities have the best understanding of their struggles. They also often have the best idea of accomplishing their dreams. We only listen and offer the resources and tools for communities to provide those dreams, changing the lives ofchildren and their parents.

People first

We believe that people are people, regardless of their experiences or circumstances, and their value is immeasurable and intrinsic. We strive to honour the dignity of each African child in our programmes and every human being we meet, no matter what.

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