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Help Homeless Kids in Africa—Donate Now!

Every day, millions of children in Africa live with the uncertainty of not knowing where their next
meal will come from. In fact, 1/3 of all child deaths in Africa are caused by a lack of sufficient
With conditions in the region worsening yearly, the number of homeless children facing hunger
has been increasing daily, prompting sos-kind to start our non-profit organization.

Children Facing Hunger and Homelessness in Africa Need Your Help

Over a million children in Africa are homeless. They live in unsafe conditions and struggle with
hunger and poverty on a regular basis.
Driving through Accra in Ghana, it’s difficult not to see the increasing number of children wiping
windshields, directing traffic at the road intersection, and begging for money.
The issue of street children is an increasing concern globally, especially in African countries.
The occurrence of large numbers of children, often as young as three years old, on the streets
in urban areas, was almost unheard of before the transition to a market economy. Today, it’s a
growing concern in most African towns and cities.
The issue needs urgent attention as it harms the very fabric of society. A starting point would be
to understand who those children are and the factors that turn them into homeless street

Help Save Children in Africa!

sos-kind is an NGO based in Accra, Ghana that believes a child has the right to grow up
healthy, safe, and educated. We genuinely believe that children should have a healthy start in
their lives and have the opportunity to learn and be protected from harm.
We strive to respond to the massive needs of vulnerable African children by helping to expand
access to education, healthcare, and housing. We also work tirelessly to protect children from
the harms of conflict, such as child labor, child trafficking, any early marriage.
The state of homeless children in Africa isn’t something that can be single-handed.
Homelessness is an issue that can be resolved through deliberate collective actions.

Where Will Your Donations Go?

Supporting sos-kind’s work
When you donate to sos-kind, 80% of your donation goes directly to our charitable initiatives.
The other 20% is invested in fundraising, so you will support us in raising more money to help
children in Africa. You deserve to know how your donations have transformed lives for good.
Ending hunger and homelessness
We’re targeting most at-risk African regions with life-saving aid and assistance where children
are a step away from famine, facing the threat of civil unrest, or living with acute malnutrition.
Your donation can help offer emergency food supplies and assistance with educational practices
for displaced communities.

Millions of Children Are Starving and Homeless. Will You Help Them?

Help us end child homelessness and hunger in Africa with your help! Share what you can have.
We ensure your donation does what it’s supposed to—change lives. Whether sponsoring a child
or giving gifts, your support can make a difference for an African child in need.
Together, we can help the most vulnerable children in Accra, Ghana, and throughout Africa
overcome hunger, poverty, and homelessness and experience the fullness of life.
sos-kind works to reach children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous place.
Donating to sos-kind will help children facing starvation and homelessness recover and build a
better future.

Help an African child today!

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An Organization You Can Trust

Our supporter’s contributions help us serve Accra, Ghana’s most marginalized children, and guarantee they can get proper nutrition and healthcare, go to school, and stay protected from exploitation and abuse.We can’t do the work without your generous support, and we will need each of us to come together to guarantee happier childhoods for African children everywhere.Your smallest contribution makes a big difference in children’s lives. We count on the kindness of people like you to be able to make real change for Africa’s children.Donate now for happier childhoods!
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